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For your ears: Ribongia - Journeys

Ribongia is a good friend of Jungle's and somewhat part of the furntitue, rolling in & out of the 'warehouse' on a daily basis. You probably should be acquainted with this very talented man by now but if you are not, we are stoked to introduce you and I guarantee you will be thanking us.

The Sydney based producer has an eclectic range of musical skills - incorporating non-traditional instruments into his tropical infused, beautifully constructed and creative tracks. The new single entitled 'Journeys' I can only assume has been inspired by his recent overseas endeavors... hold up - I'll just go out the back and ask him... turns out it "reflects the structure of the song - its an ever evolving life-form... like a journey" and that makes total sense, the song that doesn't seem to have a structure (but still works perfectly) constantly building, keeping you suprised (and on the dance-floor). It's a frenzy of African-inflused percussion and simply... brilliant. I cannot contain my excitement for whats to come from Ribongia and so glad to hear we might be getting another single before the year is out. Check it out:

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