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For your eyes: Shining Bird - Rivermouth

Spitj cpast dream pop band Shining Bird have recently launched a clip for their sparkling new single 'Rivermouth'. This deliriously epic track with wide range of delicate instrumentation, immersive soundscapes, and, of course, the beautiful heartbreaking voice of lead singer Dane Taylor.

“I’m sure ‘Rivermouth’ could be symbolic of many issues, both personal and as a human race,” Keys player Russell Webster states. “But, what I started to realise was how it also reflected the nature of the creative process itself. Leonard Cohen reckons ‘If you stick with a song long enough it will yield’. Even if it takes a decade to write. I’m glad we stuck with this one.”

The clip showcases species of Australian aviary crossfaded over natural fauna. Alastair Webster jamming on a guitar in faded black and white and dramatic irony involving a wife waiting for her husband to come home, unaware the he’s neck deep in his steering wheel.

Watch the compelling video below:

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