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For your eyes: The Jezabels - Come Alive

After 18 months off the road, writing and recording with long-time producer Lachlan Mitchell; Australian synth-pop quartet The Jezabels have released the haunting animated video for ‘Come Alive’, the first taste of the band’s third album Synthia due out in February.

Although the first official single from the new album isn’t due for release until early 2016, the band have released the video for this six-minute epic ‘ track online to give fans a taste of what’s to come. A veritable story in its own right, Hayley's vocals sit hauntingly on top of the animated vignette, made by the rag-tag animation collective known as 'Oh Yeah Wow'.

‘Come Alive’ is a dark industrial encounter, its brooding bass-led synths making way for cathartic, breathy vocals that build into a gargantuan crescendo from The Jezabels.

About Synthia, Mary says, "Previously I've shrouded myself a lot in mystery and the language of romanticism; played roles and stuff — which reflected some kind of truth about how I felt as a woman”

"Now I feel like I can be much more upfront about all that. The truth about how it feels to be a woman has become a much more prominent part of the general conversation in the last couple of years… These are exciting times. I think we've made an album that celebrates that."

Check out 'Come Alive' below.

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